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Propane Transport


Wayne Transports utilizes its 24 propane delivery trucks to expertly handle propane transportation throughout the Upper Midwest with terminals in Minneapolis, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and Iowa.

We transport from terminals and rail facilities throughout these states.



  • 24 propane trailers dispatched from terminals in Sauk Centre, MN, Rosemount, MN, Superior, WI, and Junction City, WI

  • 24/7 dispatch and propane delivery service

  • Fully trained and qualified truck drivers

  • Propane Inventory Control with proven results

Primary Operating Areas


  • Minnesota

  • Wisconsin

  • Iowa

  • North Dakota

  • Texas

  • Kansas

  • Oklahoma

Propane Transport Terminals

Rosemount, MN 

Sauk Centre, MN
Superior, WI
Junction City, WI
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