Wayne Transports Leases Owner Operated Equipment

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Owner operator trucking opportunities.

Owner operators are welcome in each and every division of Wayne Transports. 

Owner operators get paid on a percentage of the entire load pay plus the current fuel surcharge.  

Wayne Transports is now leasing owner operators and we have year round trucking available as well as plenty of seasonal hauling.  

Wayne Transports - Owner Operator Trucking Jobs in Minnesota

Wayne Transports is now leasing owner operators and have year round trucking opportunities available and plenty of seasonal hauling as well.  

For 25+ years we have had trucking owner operators coming back simply to haul seasonally.

Wayne Transports - Owner Operators Wanted

We provide the following services for owner operator trucking jobs. 

  • We can help provide fuel and mileage tax information and a license plate. 
  • Owner Operator Truck insurance:
    • Non-Trucking Liability 
    • Physical Damage,
    • Occupational Accident,
    • Deductible Reimbursement. 
    • Operators must have a work injury policy (contractors can acquire occupational accident insurance through lessor)
  • All insurances above are at operators’ expense