Petroleum Transport

Gas, fuel, biodiesel, ethanol, motor oil, gas, fuels, biodiesel, ethanol, motor oils, aviation fuels & propane. 

Wayne transports them all throughout the Upper Midwest. Transported throughout the lower 48 states from locations in the upper Midwest. We can even meet your trucking transport needs for aviation fuels, & propane

Trucking Service Features

  • 180 transport trucks located at trucking terminals throughout MN, WI, & ND

  • 24/7 dispatch and petroleum delivery service

  • Fully trained and qualified truck drivers

  • Trucking Serivce Inventory Control with proven results

Primary Operating Area:

  • Minnesota
  • Wisconsin
  • Iowa
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Eastern 
Petroleum, Fuel & Gasoline Trucking Company

Terminals Locations

 Serving the lower 48 states, dispatched from the Upper Midwest

Serving the lower 48 states, dispatched from the Upper Midwest

Rosemount, MN
Email: Carl Vedders

Sauk Centre, MN: 
Email: Tim Lawinger

Virginia, MN:
Email: Jeff Hill

Junction City, WI: 
Email: Bryan Tessmer

Superior, WI:                   
Email: Jeff Hill


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