Petroleum Transport

Petroleum, Fuel, & Gasoline Trucking Company.

Wayne Transports offers these services as an Upper Midwest Trucking Company.

We can even meet your trucking transport needs for aviation fuels, & propane throughout the lower 48 states from locations in the Upper Midwest.

Trucking Service Features

  • 180 transport trucks located at trucking terminals throughout MN, WI, & ND

  • 24/7 dispatch and petroleum delivery service

  • Fully trained and qualified truck drivers

  • Trucking Serivce Inventory Control with proven results

Primary Operating Area:

  • Minnesota
  • Wisconsin
  • Iowa
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Eastern 

Petroleum Transportation Area:

 Lower 48 states dispatched from the Upper Midwest

Lower 48 states dispatched from the Upper Midwest

Petroleum, Fuel & Gasoline Trucking Company

Terminals Locations

Rosemount, MN
Email: Carl Vedders

Sauk Centre, MN: 
1-800-458-0028                       Email: Tim Lawinger

Virginia, MN:
Email: Jeff Hill

Junction City, WI: 
Email: Bryan Tessmer

Superior, WI:                   
Email: Jeff Hill

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Call 651-438-6412  
Email: Brad Guggisberg