Bulk Transportation

We understand special attention is needed on food grade trucking for timely deliveries and clean, dependable equipment. This includes specialized trucking equipment needed for Food Grade Only deliveries to the baking and confection industries.  i.e. Kosher

Trucking Features

  • Providing service  as one of the best dry bulk shipping companies is second to none
  • Over 130 Dry Bulk Trucking Units
  • Dry Food Pneumatic Bulk Trucking Units
  • Dedicated Food Service Transportation Units Available

Primary Operating Area

Wayne Transports, Inc. operates dry bulk  shipping trucks throughout the Lower 48 States and Canada.

Dispatched From: 

  • Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN 
  • Danville, IL
  • Fargo, ND 
Wayne Transports Dry Bulk Transport to Summit Brewery

Terminals Locations

 Dry Bulk Transport throughout North America

Dry Bulk Transport throughout North America

Superior, WI:
Non-Food Grade
Email: Dave Mitchell

Fargo, ND:
Food Grade and Non-Food Grade
1-800-519-2660; 1304
Email: Jason Boushey, Joe Boushey

Rosemount, MN:
Food Grade
Email: Dan AndersonTerry Paulson, or Curt Stakston 

Danville, IL:
Food Grade
Email Dan Anderson

Do you have a unique product?

Call 651-438-6413  
Email: Greg Harchysen

Dry Bulk Transport is just one of the products we specialize in hauling. 
Contact us to discuss how we can provide trucking transportation for your unique product!