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Wayne Truck Driver Training and Health Benefits

  • Drop Pay

  • Layover Pay 

  • Unloading Pay 

  • Tolls & Scales Paid

  • Truck & Trailer Wash

  • Detention Pay (after 1 hr.)

  • Monthly Phone Stipend

  • Weekly Settlements

  • Hotel Reimbursement

  • Annual Service & Safety Bonus

  • Cafeteria Plan

  • Direct Deposit 

  • Personalized Dispatch

  • Border Crossing Pay

  • All Equipment Under 800k Miles

Truck Driving Jobs with Training

Reliability, Quality, and Safety for our customers starts with you!

Looking for truck driving careers? Reliability, Quality, and Safety for our customers starts with you! Wayne Transports is honored to be a trucking company that trains their drivers.

Beginning with an in-house orientation and industry standard testing. Veteran drivers are often complete with this portion within 2 days.

After in-house truck driver training and testing, new truckers spend on average 4 days (paid) on ride/drive along with other drivers. 

Truck Driver Health Insurance

Some additional truck driving training may apply based on the product type you are hauling. Each year there is a mandatory paid seminar. Training is held out of the trucking terminal you are based at.

Wayne Trucking Health Savings Account (HSA):

To help offset this high deductible plan Wayne Transports Inc. subsidizes the deductibles by giving money every week into an employee owned HSA account.

We give $500 for people electing single coverage $750 for single + child(ren), $750 for single + spouse, and $1,000 for every other plan.

This sum of money will be divided by 52 weeks and given every Friday with your paychecks.

Employees have the option to add additional PRE-TAX dollars into their accounts.

The money in these accounts has to be used for health care expenses since it is pre-tax or there will be tax penalties. 

Truck Driver Health Insurance:

As of May 1, 2017 our Health Insurance will be renewed with Blue Cross Blue Shield. This plan includes direct access to the Mayo Clinic.  This plan is a $4,000 out of pocket max and $8,000 for family. 

After an employee reaches $4,000 they will pay only no more money for that plan year (assuming employees use in-network clinics and pharmacies).

The cost of coverage is:

  • $175/month for singles
  • $275/month for single + children
  • $325/month for single + spouse
  • $405/month for family

Dental Insurance: 

  • Our dental insurance is $13/month for single $26/month for all other categories. 
  • Our carrier is Delta Dental and it has a very large network. 
  • Regularly scheduled exams and cleanings are 100% covered including X-rays, and fluoride treatments. 
  • The maximum Delta Dental will pay towards each employee is $1,000 a year. 
  • Make sure your dentist is in the Delta Dental network to maximize benefits.


  • Our 401k plan is through Mass Mutual
  • We match 50% of the employee contributions up to 2.5%.   Full time employees (over 30 hours/week and age 21 or older qualify (some other restrictions apply). 
    • For Example: If you put in 3% of your check each week we match 1.5% of it.  If you put in 5% we will match 2.5%. 
    • If you put in 10% of your check we will still only match 2.5%. 

Group Life, AD&D Insurance, and Supplemental Life:

  • At Wayne Transports Trucking, Group Life, AD&D and supplemental life policies are through Symetra. 
  • Premiums are 100% employer paid. 
  • The benefit amount is $25,000 in the case of a lost life and also includes payouts for other injuries as well. 
  • Our truck driver employees have the option to purchase up to $150,000 of Supplemental life insurance without having to complete a doctor’s exam. 
  • The supplemental life coverage over $25,000 will be employee paid. 
  • We also added a policy that covers our employees while truck driving on the job.  This will pay a lump sum of $250,000 if there is a loss of life.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA): 

Our flex spending account is employee optional plan.  It can be used for Health, Dental, and Optical reimbursement.  Employees will lose their elections if they are not requested for within 90 days of their plan running out.  Our Dependent care FSA allows you to get reimbursed for things like daycare.